More BAe 146s make their way to Iran

BAe 146 UR-CJJ

BAe 146 UR-CJJ during her stay in Kiev (Natalia Demyanchuk)

Two more BAe 146-300s have made their way to the fleet of Iran’s Mahan Air in defiance of sanctions on that country. Like series UR-CIL (msn E3149) before them, both are former Aviation Capital Solutions examples who arrived via the Ukraine. G-BSNR (msn E3165) had left Manston for Kiev Borispol on 4 April, and been subsequently cancelled from the UK register on 28 April. She is believed to be registered to Ukraine Mediterranean (UM) Air. She was noted at Tehran on 2 September, now registered UR-CJJ, still wearing basic Lufthansa Regional colors. In late October, she was joined by UR-CJM (msn E3129 ex G-BTXN). She had left Manston for Kiev on 1 July, being cancelled from the UK register three days later, and registered to Bukovyna Aviation Enterprise. She arrived in Iran still wearing basic Air Dolomiti colors, but was quickly repainted into Mahan Air colors. Another former Aviation Capital Solutions series 300 may also be headed for Iran. G-UKRC (msn E3158) departed Manston for Tekirdag, Turkey, on 3 June 2010. Her UK registration was subsequently cancelled in 8 March 2011, as exported to Ukraine. She has not been reported since, however. The USA recently imposed sanctions on Mahan Air, accusing the airline of “secretly ferrying operatives, weapons and funds” on behalf of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps “to facilitate its support for terrorism.”

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