Minden Air to begin tests of BAe 146 air tanker

Minden Air BAe 146 N446MA

Minden Air BAe 146 N446MA at Minden-Tahoe Airport (Minden Air)

A second BAe 146 air tanker is soon to take to the skies. Minden Air is expected to roll out its BAe 146 air tanker during January, and then begin testing it, first by running water through the system while on the ground, and then in flight. Minden Air acquired former Jazz BAe 146-200 N446MA (msn E2111 ex C-FBAO) for conversion from BAE Systems in January 2009. The company had earlier intended to convert former Air Wisconsin BAe 146-200 N606AW (msn E2033) in cooperation with lessor Tronos but that project was eventually abandoned and the aircraft scrapped, and Minden Air decided to continue on its own. Minden Air’s air tanker will have a 3,000 gallon internal retardant tank and a computer controlled constant flow door system. Minden Air has also acquired a second former Air Canada Jazz series 200, N556MA (msn E2106 ex C-GRNZ), which it will also convert to an air tanker.

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