Starbow BAe 146 damaged in landing accident

BAe 146-300 9G-SBB (msn E3123) of Starbow Airlines suffered substantial damage in a runway overrun at Tamale in northern Ghana on 6 October. She was arriving from Accra on flight S9 110 at 08:31 local time, when she landed long, and overran the usable portion of the runway. She punched through a barrier and into a work zone for a runway extension. The nosegear collapsed, causing substantial damage to the forward fuselage. There were no injuries among the 76 passengers and crew on board, but the 146 may well be beyond economic repair. This accident reduces Starbow’s active 146 fleet to a single aircraft, as 9G-SBA (msn E3125) has long been grounded at Accra and used a source for spares, while 9G-SBD (msn E2059) has not flown since her emergency landing on 28 October 2014. Starbow also operates a leased Bombardier Q400.

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