BAE Systems leases BAe 146QT

BAE Systems 146-200QT G-OTIF

BAE Systems is operating 146-200QT G-OTIF; she is seen departing Manchester on 29 March (Mike Powney)

BAE Systems Corporate Air Travel has leased BAe 146-200QT G-OTIF (msn E2056 ex EC-HDH) from lessor Tronos. She is one of five freighters that Tronos acquired last year from Pan Air Líneas Aéreas and TNT Airways, and has been in storage at Summerside since July 2015. She was re-registered on 8 January, then flew a flight test on 23 February. She left Summerside on 29 February, arriving at Warton the following day. She was registered to BAE Systems on 7 March. She still wears basic TNT colors, without any titles.

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