Former Ford Avro RJ100 broken up 1

Ford Avro RJ100 G-OFMC

Former Ford Avro RJ100 G-OFMC seen outside Inflite’s hangar at Southend in late February, prior to being broken up (John Oram)

Avro RJ100 G-OFMC (msn E3264), which has been in storage at Southend since the end of 2008, has been broken up after all useful parts were salvaged. She had been built in 1995 and delivered to Turkish Airlines. She flew for Turkish until early 2006, before being returned off-lease to BAE Systems. She was then leased to the Ford Motor Company, who planned to use her on “Fordair” flights between its various European facilities. Flightline operated her on Ford’s behalf, and so she ended up being parked when Flightline shut down in December 2008. She never returned to service, and remained parked at Southend. In April 2012, Ford returned her to Falko (who had by then taken over BAE Systems’ portfolio). She was stripped of parts in late 2015, and then moved to the AERS scrapping area at Southend at the end of February.

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One thought on “Former Ford Avro RJ100 broken up

  • Tony

    G-OFMC hasn’t quite disappeared from Southend yet, it’s still just about hanging on. I noted the fuselage in a compound [along with two ATPs] last week [29/04/2016] at Southend. I can send you a photo if you want?