Qantas to fly BAe 146QTs for Australia Post

Qantas will fly three BAe 146-300QT freighters on behalf of Australia Post’s StarTrack express delivery service beginning in July. The 146QTs, along with two Boeing 737-300Fs and one 737-400F, will be painted in StarTrack colors and will be operated exclusively on its behalf. StarTrack had previously been part of a joint venture between Qantas and Australia Post which also included Australia Air Express (AaE), which operated two BAe 146-300QTs and one -100QT, but the venture had been dissolved in October 2012, Qantas taking full ownership of AeE in exchange for transfering its share of StarTrack to Australia Post. The three former AaE 146QTs (two series 300QTs and the sole series 100QT) are currently being operated by Cobham Aviation Services in its own colors on behalf of Qantas Freight.

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