Aviro Air BAe 146 begins operations

AdriaFly BAe 146-200 YR-AVR

Aviro Air BAe 146-200 YR-AVR landing at Tel Aviv on 5 July, still sporting the sticker from her short-lived AdriaFly contract (Siegi N.)

Romania’s Aviro Air began operations in May with their BAe 146-300, YR-AVR (msn E3193), still wearing the basic green livery of previous operator Astra Airlines. A proposed contract to fly for Italian operator SoleAir during the 2016 summer season never materialized. The airline received a contract, to fly on behalf of Dusseldorf-based AdriaFly. AdriaFly operates charter flights from Switzerland and Germany, primarily to Kosovo and Macedonia. However, Aviro Air terminated this contract after operating a single flight because of non-payment. YR-AVR then flew two charters for the Tel Aviv Maccabi football team, to Trieste and Almaty, in early July, still sporting an AdriaFly sticker on the lower fuselage. She then positioned to Basel on 9 July to begin a contract for Kosova Airways, which will see it fly to Pristina from Basel and Dusseldorf. By this time, the AdriaFly stickers had been partially removed, leaving only the part that said ‘operated by Aviro Air’.

[updated 2012/12/30 to correct details about initial operations]

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