Avro RJ100s to be banned from London City in March 1

Avro RJ100s are to be banned from operating from London City after 31 March, because of noise levels fractionally above those permitted under the stringent Category A designation (94.5 PNdB). Although this technical breach has been reduced from 0.6 dB in 2013 to 0.1 dB above Category A in 2015 — a level imperceptible to the human ear — a ban on RJ100 operations was a condition of the new Planning Permission granted by the Department of Transportation for the airport’s expansion. Currently, only Swiss operates the RJ100 at London City, on three daily round-trips from Genève (LX442/443, LX434/435, and LX446/447) and, in combination with Helvetic ERJ 190s, on four of its five roundtrips from Zürich (LX450/451, LX456/457, LX464/465, and LX455/456).

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