Second BVI Airways Avro RJ100 painted

BVI Airways Avro RJ100 VP-LWW

Avro RJ100 VP-LWW being painted in BVI Airways colors at Summerside (BVI Airways)

The second Avro RJ100 for BVI Airways, VP-LWW (msn E3274 ex HB-IXV), has been painted in the airline’s colors at Summerside. her colors differ from those sported by the airline’s first RJ100, VP-LOS (msn E3282), in that the underside is painted dark blue. It is thought that VP-LOS will also be repainted in this scheme. BVI Airways completed the acquisition of VP-LWW from Tronos on 20 December 2016, but she had remained at Summerside being prepared for service. The airline received a revised Air Operator Certificate (AOC) in February, but is still awaiting approval from US authorities to begin flights to Miami.

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