Report blames pilot error for Mahan Air BAe 146 runway over-run

An investigation by Iran’s Aircraft Accident Investigation Board (AAIB) has named pilot error as the primary cause of a runway over-run by a Mahan Air Avro BAe 146-300 in June 2016. 146-300 EP-MOF (msn E3149) was arriving at Khark Island on flight W5-4525 from Ahwaz on 19 June when she over-ran Khark’s runway 13, coming to rest about 60 m past the end of the runway. There were no injuries among the 79 passengers and 9 crew on board, but the nose gear collapsed, causing substantial damage to the forward fuselage. The aircraft was later parted out. The AAIB noted that the crew made an un-stabilized approach with a tailwind and landed long, and that the airbrakes and spoilers were activated late. The anti-skid system on the right-hand gear appears to have failed, which further increased the landing roll.

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