CityJet begins operating Avro RJ85s for KLM Cityhopper

Irish airline CityJet began operating two of its Avro RJ85s on behalf KLM subsidiary KLM Cityhopper on 15 May. EI-RJX started things off by operating KL979 from Amsterdam to London City, and then returning as KL980. She then operated KL1779/1780 to Hamburg and back and then KL947/948 to Belfast and back, before operating another London City rotation, KL995/996. EI-RJD and EI-RJF also operated one , and EI-RJX operated one roundtrip each between Amsterdam and London City. On 16 May, EI-RJX returned to its regular CityJet duties, while EI-RJZ stepped in, operating alongside EI-RJD. As these movements show, CityJet is not dedicating two specific aircraft to the contract. Indeed, the RJ85s are operated in standard CityJet colors.

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