Neptune Aviation rolls out latest BAe 146 air tanker

Neptune Aviation BAe 146 air tanker N477NA/Tanker 15

Neptune Aviation’s newest BAe 146 air tanker, N477NA/Tanker 15 (Neptune Aviation)

Neptune Aviation has rolled out its latest BAe 146 air tanker, N477NA/Tanker 15 (msn E2103). She is the first to be fully converted from airline to air tanker configuration entirely by Neptune itself; earlier 146 air tankers had been fully or partially converted by Tronos. Tanker 15 was previously operated by Bulgaria Air as LZ-HBZ. She was ferried to Neptune’s base at Missoula by Southern Cross Aviation, arriving on 29 September 2016. She entered the hangar for conversion soon after her arrival. On 25 May she started flight testing. She is expected to enter service in early June.

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