North Cariboo Air uses Avro RJ85 as a cabin trainer

Former Atlantic Airways RJ85 OY-RCD

Former Atlantic Airways RJ85 OY-RCD is being used as a cabin trainer by North Cariboo Air (Wojtek Kmiecik)

After donating her useful parts to help keep North Cariboo Air‘s Avro RJ100s flying, former Atlantic Airways RJ85 OY-RCD (msn E2235) has found a task to keep her busy in her retirement, by serving as a cabin trainer. She had arrived in Calgary on 11 December 2013. She was gradually stripped of useful parts during 2014, then cut up in 2015. However, the forward fuselage back to trailing edge of the wing was retained, perched on a makeshift undercarriage, to serve as a cabin trainer. North Cariboo Air operates two RJ100, primarily in support of the oil and gas industry.

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