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Out of cash, BVI Airways lays off flight crew 1

BVI Airways has announced that a shortage of cash has forced it to lay off its flight crew, including both pilots and flight attendants. The airline indicated that the protracted regulatory process had burned through its available funding, including USD7 million provided by the government of the British Virgin Islands. […]

Astra BAe 146 flies for Meridiana

Astra Airlines‘ BAe 146-300 SX-DIZ (E3206) has been frequently operating for Italy’s Meridiana in the past few months, usually for a single day at a time. These assignments are a far cry from la dolce vita, however. On the latest such assignment, on 9 July, SX-DIZ began the day by […]

Astra Airlines BAe 146-300 SX-DIZ

BVI Airways denies date for service start

BVI Airways has indicated that the Miami-Dade Aviation Department, which operates Miami airport, “jumped the gun” when it announced that the airline would begin services there on 22 July. The MDAP had announced that BVI Airways would operate two weekly roundtrips between Tortola and Miami, on Saturdays and Sundays. The […]

Swiss is down to a single Avro RJ100

Swiss has reduced its once sizable Avro RJ100 fleet to a single example. The airline started 2017 with eight RJ100s, but now RJ100 HB-IYZ (msn E3338) is the only example of the type left in service. The others have been gradually retired. HB-IYR (msn E3382) in late January, -IXO (msn […]

Swiss Avro RJ100 HB-IYU

OID test unit mounted on the 146ARA

FAAM BAe 146ARA test-flies optical ice detection probe

FAAM’s BAe 146-301ARA G-LUXE (msn E3001) had her first commercial customer when she test-flew an optical ice detection probe on behalf of GKN Aerospace. GKN Aerospace’s patented Optical Ice Detector (OID) features a small sensor head with optical fibres arranged to emit laser light into any ice that forms over […]

Group to restore Avro RJX-100 at Manchester

A group of aviation enthusiasts is working to restore the Avro RJX-100 prototype on display at Manchester airport. BAE Systems donated the development Avro RJX-100, G-IRJX (msn E3378), to Manchester Airport in 2003. She has been displayed at its Runway Visitor Park since February 2003, alongside an HS-121 Trident, a […]

Avro RJX-100 G-IRJX