Group to restore Avro RJX-100 at Manchester

Avro RJX-100 G-IRJX

The team at work on Avro RJX-100 G-IRJX (Mark Goodliffe)

A group of aviation enthusiasts is working to restore the Avro RJX-100 prototype on display at Manchester airport. BAE Systems donated the development Avro RJX-100, G-IRJX (msn E3378), to Manchester Airport in 2003. She has been displayed at its Runway Visitor Park since February 2003, alongside an HS-121 Trident, a Nimrod, and a Concorde. A decade and a half out in the open has taken its toll, however. The group, led by Mark Goodliffe and Peter Hampson, aims to restore her cosmetically to the condition she arrived in. Two of the main challenges include obtaining and fitting new main wheels and repairing the paint that has flaked off. Mr Goodliffe started his career at BAe Hatfield, and later also worked for Flightline. The group he has recruited includes several former BAe Woodford employees. Mr Hampson is Managing Director of consultant firm Aviation Solutions and also leads the aviation society that operates the Visitor Park’s gift shop. The group began working on G-IRJX on 17 June.

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