Aviro Air BAe 146 flies football charters to northern Europe

Aviro Air BAe 146-300 YR-AVR

Aviro Air BAe 146-300 YR-AVR landing at Trondheim with the Vardar football team, on 28 September; she wears the emblem of Thessaloniki’s AC PAOK from an earlier charter (Espen Linaker)

In the past few months, Aviro Air‘s BAe 146-300 YR-AVR (msn E3193) has spent most of her time flying to a variety of destinations within Greece, on behalf of Astra Airways. Charters have occasionally taken her further afield, however. One such charter, on 27-29 September, brought her all the way to Norway, carrying the Vardar football team for a UEFA Europa League match against Rosenborg. She departed Thessaloniki on 27 September. After picking up the team in Skopje, she continued on to Trondheim with a fuel stop at Katowice (the distance from Skopje to Trondheim is around 2,500km). After Vadar’s loss to Rosenborg, 3-1, she departed Trondheim in the late evening of 28 September, retracing her itinerary and arriving back in Thessaloniki in the early morning. The following weekend, another football charter took her all the way to x–Keflavík Airport, in Iceland, bringing Kosovo’s national team for a World Cup qualifying match. She departed Thessaloniki early on 8 October, picked up the team in Tirana, then flew to Reykjavík with a fuel stop in London Stansted. Once again, her passengers had to head home disappointed, having lost to Iceland 2-0. She departed Reykjavík late on 9 October and, after again stopping in Stansted, brought the Kosovar team home directly to Pristina before continuing on to Thessaloniki.

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