Tez Jet acquires Avro RJ85 from Ellinair

Ellinair Avro RJ85 SX-EMS

Ellinair Avro RJ85 SX-EMS at Corfu shortly before being withdrawn from use (Michel Koster)

Kyrgyz airline Tez Jet has acquired one of the Avro RJ85s that Greek airline Ellinair recently withdrew from use. SX-EMS (msn E2296) operated her last service for Ellinair on 24 September. Now registered EX-27003, she departed Thessaloniki for the Kyrgyz Republic on 30 September, routing via Aktau, Kazakhstan. Tez Jet already operates BAe 146-200 EX-27002 (msn E2172); it is not known whether EX-27003 will complement or replace her. Parent company Avia Traffic Company also has another BAe 146, series 200 EX-27007 (msn E2180), but she is believed to be stored at Bishkek. Ellinair’s second RJ85, SX-EMI (msn E2305), is also for sale.

Update 11 October: Tez Jet has also acquired Ellinair’s second RJ85, SX-EMI (msn E2305). After first receiving maintenance at Sofia, she was delivered to Tez Jet as EX-27005 on 10 October. 

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