Starbow Airlines shuts down

Former Starbow Avro RJ100 9G-SBE/M-NONA

Former Starbow Avro RJ100 9G-SBE/M-NONA at Malta on 4 January (Burmarrad (Mark) Camenzuli)

Ghana’s Starbow Airlines has shut down entirely. The airline had suspended operations on 26 November following an accident to its newly-delivered ATR72-500, and then dismissed many of its employees on 30 November. It’s sole operational aircraft, Avro RJ100 9G-SBE (msn E3332), was ferried to Malta on 30 November. A committee has been named to investigate the accident to Starbow’s ATR72. 9G-SBE has now been re-registered as M-NONA to the Nona Trade Corporation GMBH. She was noted at Malta on 4 January, still wearing basic Starbow colors but devoid of titles, logo, or registration.

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