Jota Avro RJ85 flies for British Airways

Jota Avro RJ85 G-JOTR

Jota Avro RJ85 G-JOTR seen at Genève while operating on behalf of British Airways (Ronan Hubert/B3A)

After repeatedly operating on behalf of Air France subsidiary Hop!, Jota Aviation‘s Avro RJ85 G-JOTR (msn E2294) has recently been flying for rival British Airways on flights from London City. Her first assignment for British Airways was on 1 February: after positioning from Southend to London City on 31 January, she operated BA2281/2280 to Genève, BA4477/4476 to Rotterdam, and BA2212/2213 to Glasgow, then returned home to Southend. After operating a charter to Liverpool on 4 January, she returned to London City on 5 February to start a second, longer round of British Airways flights.

Update 10 Feb: G-JOTR ended her lease to British Airways and returned to Southend on the evening of 8 February, only to return to London City on the afternoon of 9 February to once again fly for British Airways. After flying to Edinburgh and back as BA8706/8709, she flew up to Glasgow as BA2214. She then positioned directly back to Southend late that evening — and then departed for Lille and a new lease to Hop! before the sun had risen.

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