Restoration of Avro RJX prototype continues

Avro RJX-100 G-IRJX

The team at work on Avro RJX-100 G-IRJX (Mark Goodliffe)

A group of aviation enthusiasts is continuing its efforts to restore the Avro RJX-100 prototype on display at Manchester airport. The development RJX-100, G-IRJX (msn E3378), which BAE Systems had donated to Manchester Airport in 2003, had been in poor conditions after a decade and a half out in the open. The group, led by Mark Goodliffe and Peter Hampson, aims to restore her cosmetically to the condition she arrived in. Work started in June 2017, and has proceeded regularly, as resources and weather allowed. In the most recent workday, the team deployed the front airstairs for the first time in years. Considerable corrosion had been found in this area, which is near the always-open front passenger door. The team also refitted the rear water ballast tank, fixed the engine 1 door panel catch, fitted new low voltage lighting into the avionics bay, fixed and re tagged the nose download pin, deep-cleaned the leading edges, and put in place a new avionics hatch. 

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