Starbow to restart operations?

Starbow BAe 146-300 9G-SBB

Starbow BAe 146-300 9G-SBB seen at Tamale in April; she has been parked there since a landing accident in 2015 (Stefano Pagiola)

News reports from Ghana suggest that Starbow Airlines may resume operations this summer. “Currently, as we speak, [Starbow] plan to come back in July,” Deputy Aviation Minister Kwabena Okyere Darko is reported to have said. “They are re-strategizing, re-organizing themselves.” The airline suspended operations on 26 November following an accident to its newly-delivered ATR72-500, and then dismissed most of its employees on 30 November. Starbow’s shutdown left competitor Africa World Airlines as the sole carrier operating domestically in Ghana, leading to complaints of high prices and limited capacity. If Starbow does resume operations, it won’t be with Avro RJ100 9G-SBE (msn E3332), it’s sole operational aircraft at the time it shut down operations. 9G-SBE was ferried to Malta on 30 November and subsequently sold to Iran’s Qeshm Air. Two BAe 146s remain in Ghana, however — albeit in poor condition. Series 200 9G-SBD (msn E2059) is parked in the grass at Accra, still in full Starbow colors, but with parts missing. She has been parked since being damaged in a landing accident in October 2014. Meanwhile, series 300 9G-SBB (msn E3123) is still at Tamale, in northern Ghana, where she was damaged in a runway over-run in October 2015. She is sitting at the edge of the apron on the northwest end of the airport, near the threshold of runway 23, devoid of any markings and engineless.

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