Aviro Air BAe 146 returns home

Aviro Air BAe 146 YR-AVR

Aviro Air BAe 146 YR-AVR during one of its visits to Mostar (Boran Pivcic)

After several months flying charters from Italy (and a short stint flying domestic services in Sweden), Aviro Air BAe 146-300 YR-AVR (msn E3193) returned home to Bucuresti’s Baneasa airport on 15 June, flying there directly from Mostar. YR-AVR was a frequent visitor to Mostar during the past few months, with eight flights there in May alone. Surrounded by mountains, Mostar is one of the most challenging airport in the Balkans. YR-AVR also frequently flew to other Balkan destinations and to Lourdes, but some charters took her all over Europe. One particularly complicated four-day trip took her from Napoli to Dubrovnik to Zadar to Bratislava to Zagreb to Maastricht to Beograd to Barcelona and back to Napoli. She will now undergo maintenance in preparation for the summer flying season.

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