WDL BAe 146s lose their new logos

EasyJet BAe 146 D-AWUE

EasyJet BAe 146 D-AWUE still shows traces of the now removed WDL logo on the tail; D-AMGL, in the background, still sports the logo (Jaws300)

WDL Aviation has started removing its new logo from its BAe 146s. The new logo was adopted after the airline’s acquisition by Berlin-based Zeitfracht Group in late 2017, but Austrian Airlines complained that it was too similar to its own old logo. So far 146-200s D-AWUE (msn E2050) and D-AZFR (msn E2108) have had their WDL logos removed. D-AMGL (msn E2055) still retain its logo, but is expected to also soon lose it. All three are currently being operated on behalf of EasyJet.

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