Bureau of Customs orders forfeiture of impounded SkyJet BAe 146

SkyJet BAe 146-100 RP-C8538

Bureau of Customs Commissioner Isidro Lapena speaks at the forfeiture of SkyJet BAe 146-100 RP-C8538 (Bureau of Customs)

The Philippine’s Bureau of Customs (BOC) has ordered that BAe 146-100 RP-C8538 (msn E1015) be forfeited because of failure to pay the customs duties and taxes from the time of its importation in 2014. The BOC estimates that the 146’s owner, Magnum Air, which operates as SkyJet, owes over 90,000 Philippine Pesos (about USD1,700) for unpaid aircraft customs duties and taxes, in addition to penalties and charges. However, as the 146 was operated commercially for several years without paying duties, the BOC considers its importation to have been attended with fraud, simply paying the outstanding amount, as SkyJet has offered to do, is insufficient. “Presently, the aircraft is forfeited in favor of the government after finding that its importation was attended with fraud and for being used in commercial flights since its importation without payment of customs duties and taxes,” Customs Commissioner Isidro Lapena said. The BOC had taken custody of the 146 last March, and she has been impounded at the airport since then. Once the forfeiture is finalized, the 146 will be sold at public auction. SkyJet has filed an appeal against the forfeiture order. 

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