StarPerú on sale?

Peruvian economic weekly magazine Semana Económica is reporting that StarPerú‘s owners may be seeking to sell the airline. The airline’s market share has fallen from 6% in 2015 to only 3% at the end of 2017. At its peak, in 2011, StarPerú had a fleet of no less than ten BAe 146s: two series 100s, four series 200s, two series 300s, and one series 200QT freighter (some, however, were acquired for parts and never operated). At present, however, only the two series 100s and one series 300 remain operational, with the other 146s having been either sold, withdrawn from use, or used as spares sources. The airline also operates two Bombardier CRJ200s, which it added in 2016. The airline’s network is at present limited to once daily flights to Pucallpa, Tarapoto, Huanuco, and Cusco, with the latter usually served by a CRJ. StarPerú recently formed a code-share alliance with Peruvian Airlines.

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