Qeshm Air puts newest Avro RJ100 into service in new colors

Qeshm Air Avro RJ100 EP-FQZ

Qeshm Air Avro RJ100 EP-FQZ lands and Tehran on her first day in service (Mohamadreza Zeinloo)

Iran’s Qeshm Airlines newest Avro RJ100, EP-FQZ (msn E3332 ex M-NONA/9G-SBE), made a test flight on 6 September, wearing the new color scheme introduced earlier this year on one of the airline’s Fokker 100s. The airline acquired the former Starbow aircraft in the spring; she was ferried from Malta to Tehran on 16 March. Qeshm’s fleet also includes four other RJ100s and an RJ85, but the latter is not currently operational.

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