Hop! plans to reduces ACMI leases

Air France subsidiary Hop! is embarking on a restructuring plan which would entail, among other changes, reducing its reliance on leased capacity from other airlines. This move would reduce its use of BAe 146s and Avro RJs, among others. At present, aircraft operating for Hop! on ACMI leases include Jota Aviation‘s RJ100 G-JOTS on the Lyon-Pau route; Cello Aviation‘s Avro G-ILLR (msn E3379) on routes from Strasbourg; and WDL Aviation‘s 146-200 D-AWUE on a variety of routes. CityJet has also operated RJ85s for Hop! in the past, but it isn’t doing so at present (although it is operating for Air France itself). Hop! is planning to reduce the number of leased aircraft by one in November, and to phase out wet-leasing entirely by 2021. The airline is struggling to deal with competition with low-cost airlines, which have expanding their services in France, and with a shortage of pilots, having lost several to its parent airline. Its restructuring plan also include the withdrawal of its ATRs. The airline will retain its own identity, but will begin operating under AF flight codes rather than its own A5 code.

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