Jota starts cargo charters

Freight deck of Jota BAe 146-300QT

The main deck of Jota’s BAe 146-300QT freighters can accommodate 7.5 ABY containers, while the belly hold offers an additional 23 m3 of space (Jota)

After a long period of preparation, Jota Aviation began freighter operations on 18 October. The airline has acquired four former ASL Airlines Spain BAe 146-300QTs. The first of these, G-JOTE (msn E3182) was positioned ot Poznan on 17 October. She then flew a shipment of automotive parts to Liverpool in the early morning hours of 18 October, before returning home to Southend. The airline is offering the 146QTs on “go-now” charters, promising to give customers a price and a schedule within five minutes of their enquiry, with the 146 departing within ninety minutes of the contract being confirmed. The airline beat this schedule for its first assignment, with G-JOTE taking off within ninety minutes from the customer’s request.

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