Ex Swiss Avro RJ100 delivered to Air Libya

Air Libya Avro RJ100 5A-FLF
Air Libya Avro RJ100 5A-FLF arrives in Malta on her delivery flight to Benghazi (Burmarrad (Mark) Camenzuli)

After painting in full Air Libya colors, former Swiss Avro RJ100 5A-FLF (msn E3381) was delivered to the airline on 29 December, being ferried to the airline’s base at Benghazi via Malta. She had been ferried to East Midlands for painting by AirbourneColours on 19 December and rolled out on 28 December. With 5A-FLF, Air Libya has now received five RJ100s. Only one of the other four — 5A-FLG (msn E3377) — appears to be currently operational, however. 5A-FLA (msn E2232) has been stored at Cranfield since August 2017 and gradually stripped of parts; she is expected to be scrapped. 5A-FLB (msn E3234) was damaged in fighting at Tripoli Airport in July 2014 and remains there; earlier this year, she was stripped of useful parts. 5A-FLE (msn E3382) has been at Cranfield for maintenance since late July, and should rejoin the airline shortly. The status of BAe 146-200 5A-FLC (msn E2077) is unclear; she underwent a C check at Sofia in late 2017 and then returned to service in April, but has not been recorded as flying since early August. And for completeness, 146-300 5A-DKQ (msn E3191) was destroyed by fire at Dahra in May 2015.

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