Neptune installs ADS-B Out on its BAe 146s

Neptune Aviation Services in installing automatic dependent surveillance broadcast (ABS-B) on its fleet of nine BAe 146 air tankers. Installation of ADS-B Out avionics, which continuously broadcast an aircraft’s position to air traffic controllers, with an accuracy of as little as one meter, is mandatory by the end of 2019, while installation of ADS-B In, which allows pilots to see the location of nearby aircraft on a cockpit-mounted display, is optional. Neptune has decided to install both ADS-B Out and In, under a supplemental type certificate (STC) developed in-house and certified by the FAA in November 2018. The STC adds a wide area augmentation system (WAAS) component to the aircrafts’ existing transponders to provide the required level of accuracy. The retrofits have already started and should be completed across the fleet during the winter maintenance period.

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