CityJet’s SuperJet saga comes to an end

In October 2015, CityJet announced its intention to replace its fleet of Avro RJ85s with 15 Sukhoi SSJ100 SuperJets. Plans called for the airline to receive four SSJ100s in 2016 and eleven in 2017. The first arrived in May 2016, but in the event, CityJet only received seven SSJ100s, and returned the last of them to manufacturer in late March. Four of the seven SSJ100s were operated on behalf of Brussels Airlines, in whose service they proved quite problematic due to difficulties in securing spare parts and problems with its SAM146 engines, frequently forcing CityJet to bring in Avro RJs to cover for them. Brussels Airlines terminated the SSJ100 lease in early January (CityJet continues to fly for Brussels Airlines, but now uses Bombardier CRJ900s). By then, several of the SSJ100s were already in storage, some at Venezia and some at Dublin, and the others joined them. Meanwhile, the Avro RJ85s that the SSJ100s were supposed to replace continue to fly, albeit in reduced numbers. As of the end of March, seven RJ85s were being flown on behalf of Air France (not all at once), and two for Aer Lingus.

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