Former BRA Avro RJ100 broken up 1

After being stripped of useful parts, Avro RJ100 SE-DSO (msn E3221) was broken up at Southend. She had been built at Woodford in 1992, and delivered to Colombia’s SAM in 1994. She returned to the United Kingdom in 1999, and was then sold to Malmö Aviation in 2001, and flew for Malmö and successor Braathens Regional Airlines (BRA) for the rest of her operational life, aside from a brief wet-lease to Sweden’s Skyways in 2006. She was ferried to Southend in December 2018, at which point she had recorded 36,440 hrs of flight time, and 39,795 cycles. She was moved to the scrapping area on 15 May. Her wings and tail section had been cut off by 22 May.

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One thought on “Former BRA Avro RJ100 broken up

  • John Davison

    Is the nose section stored in the compound around the JOTA hangars near South Road, i.e. the cul-de-sac serving the Vulcan Restoration Trust?