Air Botnia

Air Botnia is now Blue1

Finnish Avro RJ operator Air Botnia officially changed its name to Blue1 on 1 January 2004. The four new Avro RJs the airline recently took delivery of had already been painted with the new titles and livery (which differs from the previous one in having blue rather than red engine […]

Blue 1 Avro RJ85 OH-SAO

Air Botnia Avro RJ85 OH-SAI

Air Botnia goes Blue

Finnish airline Air Botnia, a subsidiary of SAS, has announced that it will be changing its name to Blue1 from 1 January 2004. The name change comes as Air Botnia prepares to substantially increase its capacity, by adding two Avro RJ85s and two Avro RJ100s to its five current Avro […]

Air Botnia Avro RJ85 OH-SAH

First Air Botnia Avro RJ85 delivered

Finnish airline Air Botnia joined the ranks of Avro RJ operators when it took delivery of its first RJ85. OH-SAH Suur-Saimaa (msn E3282) was delivered from Woodford to Helsinki on 10 May. The SAS subsidiary placed an order for five RJ85s in September 2000, to replace its Fokker F28s. Noise […]

Air Botnia orders Avro RJ85s

Finnish airline Air Botnia has announced an order for 5 Avro RJ85s to replace its six Fokker F28-4000s. Air Botnia is a wholly owned subsidiary of SAS. It operates regional services between Finland and Scandinavia. Sveneric Persson, President and CEO of Air Botnia, attributed the choice of RJ85 to the […]