Air Dolomiti

Astra Airlines adds a second BAe 146

Greece’s Astra Airlines has leased former Air Dolomiti BAe 146-300 I-ADJF (msn E3193) from BAE Systems Regional Aircraft as SX-DIX. She was ferried from Southend to Thessaloniki on 20 May, still wearing basic Air Dolomiti colors with no titles. She is configured in a 99-seat all economy class layout and […]

Astra Airlines BAe 146-300 SX-DIX

Lufthansa signs massive Jetspares contract

Lufthansa has signed the largest ever Jetspares support contract, a US$30 million deal covering the 18 Avro RJ85s of CityLine, the 14 BAe 146-200/300s of Eurowings, and the 5 BAe 146-300s of Air Dolomiti. JetSpares is an individually customised support program under which BAE Systems provides spares inventory, logistics, and […]

Air Dolomiti receives additional BAe 146s

Italian airline Air Dolomiti continues to take delivery of the five 146-300s the airline is acquiring to replace its Bombardier CRJs regional jets. The first two, I-ADJF (msn E3193) and I-ADJH (msn E3129), were delivered in April, and I-ADJG (msn E3169 ex G-BSNS) followed in May. The fourth, I-ADJI (msn E3148 ex G-BTZN) was delivered on […]

Air Dolomiti BAe 146-300 G-BTZN

Lufthansa Regional boosts BAe 146 fleet

BAE Systems has signed several major leases with airlines of the Lufthansa Regional group. Under the agreements, Eurowings will receive six additional BAe 146-300s, and Air Dolomiti will receive five BAe 146-300s. Both airlines are wholly-owned by Lufthansa. Eurowings, who already operates four BAe 146-200s and four 146-300s, is scheduled […]

Air Dolomiti BAe 146-300 G-BUHC

First Air Dolomiti BAe 146 rolled out

The first BAe 146-300 for Italian airline Air Dolomiti was rolled out from the Sprayavia paintshop at Norwich on 21 March. The aircraft, series 300 G-BUHC (msn E3193) still carries her British registration. She was formerly operated by Dan-Air, Flightline, Air UK/KLM uk/buzz, and Aer Lingus. Air Dolomiti announced its […]