Air Libya

Air Libya buys leased BAe 146-200

Air Libya has bought BAe 146-200 ZS-SOV (msn E2077) from South Africa’s Vulkan Air. The 146 had been operating for Air Libya since December 2011. She has been re-registered 5A-FLC. Air Libya also operates BAe 146-300 5A-DKQ (msn E3191) and Avro RJ100 5A-FLB (msn E3234) and is awaiting the delivery […]

Second Avro RJ100 being prepared for Air Libya

The second Avro RJ100 for Air Libya, former Turkish Airlines RJ100 G-CEIH (msn E3232), is being prepared for delivery. She had been in storage at Bacău since February 2008. Following post-storage maintenance by Aerostar, she conducted a flight test on 30 December, still wearing basic Turkish Airlines colors. Later that […]


Air Libya RJ100 G-CCTB

Air Libya adds Avro RJ100s

Air Libya is planning to add two Avro RJ100s to its fleet. The first of these, former FaroeJet RJ100 G-CCTB (msn E3234), was ferried to Hurn on 9 November from Bacău, where she had been in storage since November 2011. She was rolled out on 20 November wearing a new […]

Air Libya BAe 146 flies to mountain airstrip

Libya’s rebel Transitional National Council put the short-field capabilities of Air Libya‘s BAe 146 to good use on 12 July, when they used her to fly oil and finance minister, Ali Tarhouni, to an improvised airstrip in the Nafusa mountains in western Libya. The route links rebel forces in the […]

Air Libya BAe 146 survives Benghazi fighting

Air Libya‘s BAe 146-300, 5A-DKQ (msn E3191), appears to have survived the fighting around Benghazi’s Benina International Airport. The 146 is visible, apparently undamaged, in video shot at the airport on 6 March. The airport has been the scene of fierce fighting between forces loyal to Libyan leader Muammar el-Qaddafi […]

Air Libya begins BAe 146 operations

Air Libya began operations with former Flybe BAe 146-300 5A-DKQ (msn E3191 ex G-JEBD) on 17 February. The 146 had been prepared by KLM Engineering at Norwich, then ferried to Kemble on 6 January for HF radio installation. Following an air test on 3 February, she was ferried to Birmingham […]

Air Libya BAe 146-300 5A-DKQ

Air Libya to fly a BAe 146

Air Libya will operate former Flybe BAe 146-300 G-JEBD (msn E3191). G-JEBD was withdrawn from use by Flybe in March, and has been in storage since then. She was rolled out at Norwich in a new Air Libya color scheme on 19 November. Tripoli-based Air Libya, formerly known as Air […]