A quarter century in the air! 1

The BAe 146 celebrates twenty-five years of flying on 3 September. On that date in 1981, the prototype BAe 146, series 100 G-SSSH (msn E1001), took to the air from Hatfield. Chief test pilot Mike Goodfellow and Deputy Chief Test Pilot Peter Sedgwick were at the controls. They were accompanied […]

BAe 146 G-SSSH

Twentieth anniversary of BAe 146 roll-out

20 May marks the twentieth anniversary of the roll-out of the first BAe 146. The first BAe 146, registered G-SSSH to emphasize the type’s quietness, was rolled out at Hatfield on 20 May 1981. She later made her first flight on 3 September. Since then, the 146 and its successors, […]

BAe is now BAE Systems

British Aerospace (BAe) changed its name to BAE Systems following its merger with Marconi Electronic Systems. Within BAE Systems, Regional Aircraft and Asset Management are no longer considered separate units or division, but rather some of BAE Systems’ activities and programmes. Both report to Managing Director Mike O’Callaghan.

Avro RJ parts to be made in South Africa

British Aerospace Regional Aircraft has contracted with South Africa’s Denel Aviation for the supply of rudder and aileron parts for the Avro RJ. Denel Aviation will initially supply 18 rudder and aileron sets a year, and will be sole supplier of these parts for the entire Avro RJ program, including […]

AI(R) dissolved

British Aerospace’s partnership with ATR, which had seen BAe’s Avro RJ and Jetstream families marketed jointly with ATR’s ATR42 and ATR72 under the AI(R) banner, was formally dissolved on 6 July. British Aerospace Regional Aircraft (BARA) took over sales, marketing, and customer support of the Avro RJ regional jet family […]

AI(R) to be dissolved

British Aerospace, Aerospatiale, and Alenia Aerospazio agreed to dissolve their Aero International (Regional) partnership at a meeting of the AI(R) Board of Directors held on Friday 24 April. Once the dissolution is finalized, BAe and ATR will resume marketing their product lines independently. The two companies will, however, continue to […]