Last Blue1 Avro RJ85 leaves Helsinki

The last of Blue1‘s Avro RJ85s has left Helsinki. All five of the airline’s remaining RJ85s were parked at Helsinki from early September, after they were withdrawn from service to make way for Boeing 717s. They have since gradually been ferried to the Kemble for continued storage. OH-SAK (msn E2389) […]

Blue1 RJ85 OH-SAP

Blue1 RJ85s parked at Helsinki

Atlantic Avro RJ85s fly for Blue1

Although Blue1 retired all their Avro RJ85s at the beginning of September, the type has not disappeared from the airline’s network, as an Atlantic Airways RJ85 has been wetleased to cover some routes. RJ85 OY-RCE (msn E2233) arrived in Helsinki on 6 September, and entered service the following day. OY-RCD […]

Blue1 prepares to phase out Avro RJ85s

Finland’s Blue1 is preparing to phase out its five Avro RJ85s so as to standardize its fleet on the Boeing 717. All five RJ85s are scheduled to be withdrawn from service in September. One, RJ85 OH-SAL (msn E2392), has already lost her titles and logo during a maintenance visit to […]

Blue1 RJ85 OH-SAL without titles

OH-SAJ after operating Blue1's last RJ85 service

Blue1 withdraws its Avro RJ85s from service

In keeping with its announced intention of focusing its fleet on the Boeing 717, Finland’s Blue1 has withdrawn all five of its remaining RJ85s from service. OH-SAK (msn E2389) and OH-SAO (msn E2393) both flew their last services on 31 August, OH-SAL (msn E2392) on 1 September, and OH-SAP (msn […]

Blue1 to phase out Avro RJ85s

Finland’s Blue1 has announced a plan to phase out its five remaining Avro RJ85, focusing its fleet entirely on the Boeing 717. The airline will also concentrate on routes in the the Finnish and Nordic markets. Blue1 built up a fleet of seven RJ85s and two RJ100s when it was […]