Conair Avro RJ85AT ferried to Marseilles

Conair ferried Avro RJ85 air tanker C-GFVT/Tanker 466 (msn E2253) to Marseilles. She departed Abbotsford on 25 June, and routed via Thompson, Iqaluit, Reykjavik, and Edinburgh, arriving in Marseilles in mid-afternoon of 26 June. Marseilles is the base for France’s Sécurité Civile, which operates the French air tanker fleet. Recent […]

Conair Avro RJ85AT C-GVFT landing at Marseilles

Conair takes Avro RJ85

Canada’s Conair Group has taken delivery of a former Lufthansa Avro RJ85, probably for conservion to air tanker. N839AC (msn E2270 ex D-AVRI) had flown her last service in December 2010, and then been stored at Köln. After handback maintenance at Stansted in April 2011, she was placed in storage […]