Crossair to go Swiss

Crossair is already Swiss, of course, but it is now formally adopting the name as a new Swiss national airline is built around it. The new airline, which will join Crossair with the remnants of bankrupt Swissair, will be formally known as “Swiss Air Lines” and advertize itself as “Swiss”. […]

Crossair split from Swissair

In complicated maneuvering aimed at preserving something from the wreckage of Swiss national airline Swissair, Crossair was acquired by two Swiss banks. Credit Suisse and Union Bank of Switzerland bought Swissair’s 70 percent stake in Crossair on 1 October. The move was intended to provide Swissair with much-needed cash and […]

Crossair and Swissair shorthaul fleets to be integrated

The restructuring plan announced by Swiss national airline Swissair calls the airline’s shorthaul flights to be integrated with those of regional subsidiary Crossair, in a new operating entity dubbed Swiss Air Lines. The new entity, headed by current Crossair chief executive André Dosé, will build on Crossair’s approach of providing […]

Crossair reorders Avro RJ100s

Swiss airline Crossair has ordered four additional Avro RJ100s from AI(R). Two aircraft will be delivered in 1998, and the remaining two in 1999, bringing Crossair’s Avro RJ fleet to 20 (4 RJ85s and 16 RJ100s). This order brings the total number of RJs ordered in 1997 to 31, and […]