FAAM BAe 146ARA test-flies optical ice detection probe

FAAM’s BAe 146-301ARA G-LUXE (msn E3001) had her first commercial customer when she test-flew an optical ice detection probe on behalf of GKN Aerospace. GKN Aerospace’s patented Optical Ice Detector (OID) features a small sensor head with optical fibres arranged to emit laser light into any ice that forms over […]

OID test unit mounted on the 146ARA


FAAM BAe 146ARA flies in formation … with a ship

The UK’s Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) provided some unusual pictures of FAAM’s BAe 146-301ARA (msn E3001) flying alongside the RRS Discovery research ship. The 146ARA and the Discovery provide complementary tools to undertake research that helps improve understanding of environmental issues. The photo op was organized to promote Into […]

FAAM BAe 146ARA operator Directflight changes name

Directflight Limited, which operates BAe 146-301ARA G-LUXE (msn E3001) on behalf of the Facility for Airborne Atmospheric Measurement (FAAM), has changed its name to that of its parent, Airtask Group. The company began operating the BAe 146ARA since 2004, initially under a ten-year contract, which was then extended by five years in April 2014. […]

NERC buys FAAM BAe 146

The UK’s Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) has bought from BAE Systems BAe 146-301ARA G-LUXE (msn E3001), which is operated for the Facility for Airborne Atmospheric Measurement (FAAM). Since the beginning of FAAM operations in 2004, G-LUXE has been owned by BAE Systems, which also arranged for operations and maintenance. Although the arrangement was […]

FAAM BAe 146 to operate in the arctic

The Facility for Airborne Atmospheric Measurements (FAAM)’s BAe 146-301ARA G-LUXE (msn E3001) left Cranfield for the Arctic on 18 March for a new scientific campaign, dubbed ACCACIA (Aerosol Cloud-Coupling and Climate Interactions in the Arctic). She will operate from three weeks from Kiruna in northern Sweden. From there, she will […]


FAAM BAe 146ARA studies emissions from forest fires

FAAM’s BAe 146-301ARA G-LUXE (msn E3001) is operating out of Halifax as part of a study of the emissions from North American forest fires. The campaign, dubbed BORTAS, is a collaboration between several science organisations based in the UK, Canada, and the USA. The 146ARA positioned to Halifax on July […]

New colors for FAAM BAe 146

FAAM’s BAe 146-301ARA G-LUXE (msn E3001) has finally received her new colors. The aircraft was undergoing a refit, which was to have included a repaint, when Iceland’s Eyjafjallajoekull volcano erupted in April, and had to be rushed back into service to assess the concentration of ash in the air. The data […]


FAAM BAe 146 refit hampers ash cloud crisis response

Extraordinarily unfortunate timing had the FAAM’s BAe 146 in the hangar when Iceland’s Eyjafjallajoekull volcano erupted on 14 April, sending a plume of ash over Europe. BAe 146-301ARA G-LUXE (msn E3001) is one of only two aircraft with instrumentation that could have helped assess the concentration of ash in the […]

FAAM BAe 146 in Malaysia experiment

The BAe 146 Atmospheric Research Aircraft (ARA) participated in a research study aimed at better understanding global climate change during July. The Oxidant and Particle Photochemical Processes (OP3) mission studied how equatorial rain forests influence climate change. FAAM’s BAe 146ARA G-LUXE (msn E3001) was based at Kota Kinabalu, in the […]


FAAM BAe 146ARA explores mountain rotor threat

FAAM’s BAe 146ARA has just returned from a month-long stay in California, where she participated in a program to study mountain rotors, the Terrain-induced Rotor Experiment (T-REX) program. Mountain rotors are intense low-level horizontal vortices that form on the lee sides of mountains and are an important hazard to aviation. […]