Latin America

TAM Empresa Pública Avro RJ70 CP-3106 displays the airline's new colors

TAMep begins operations

After several months of inactivity, Bolivia’s Transporte Aéreo Militar (TAM) resumed operations on 3 April in its new guise as TAM Empresa Pública (TAMep). The airline was awarded a provisional AOC in late March. At present, the airline’s sole aircraft is Avro RJ70 CP-3106 (msn E1252). She operated TAMep’s inaugural service, […]

TAMep to begin operations

Bolivia’s government has awarded TAM Empresa Pública (TAMep) a provisional AOC. Decree No.3846 grants the airline a six-month AOC, permitting it to resume operations, which had been suspended in July 2018. The decree noted TAM’s traditional role of serving isolated communities. The airline then announced that it intends to begin […]

TAM back from the dead?

Bolivia’s Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) has announced that Transporte Aéreo Militar (TAM) has entered the final phase of civil certification as a civil airline, to be known as TAM Empresa Pública (TAMep). The airline missed multiple deadlines to achieve civil certification, and suspended services on 31 July 2018 when it […]