Restoration of Avro RJX prototype continues

A group of aviation enthusiasts is continuing its efforts to restore the Avro RJX-100 prototype on display at Manchester airport. The development RJX-100, G-IRJX (msn E3378), which BAE Systems had donated to Manchester Airport in 2003, had been in poor conditions after a decade and a half out in the open. The group, led […]

Avro RJX-100 G-IRJX

Avro RJX-100 G-IRJX

Group to restore Avro RJX-100 at Manchester

A group of aviation enthusiasts is working to restore the Avro RJX-100 prototype on display at Manchester airport. BAE Systems donated the development Avro RJX-100, G-IRJX (msn E3378), to Manchester Airport in 2003. She has been displayed at its Runway Visitor Park since February 2003, alongside an HS-121 Trident, a […]

Last flight for the Avro RJX

The development Avro RJX-100, G-IRJX, made a final flight on 6 February, when she flew from Woodford to nearby Manchester Airport. She took off at noon, and gave a short farewell display at Woodford before flying over to Manchester. She was flown by test pilot Alan Foster, who had also […]

Honeywell sues over Avro RJX cancellation

Honeywell is suing BAE Systems for cancelling the Avro RJX. Honeywell was to have provided its new AS977 engine for the new type, as well as other equipment. It has filed two writs in the High Court, claiming USD21 million in damages, alleging that it has not been paid for […]

BAE Systems denies plans to revive Avro RJX

The surprise resignation of BAE Systems Chief Executive John Weston, the bankruptcy of Fairchild Dornier, which places its 728 regional jet program in jeopardy, and the revival of the global economy, have led to numerous rumors that BAE Systems was re-thinking its abrupt cancellation of the Avro RJX program. The […]

Avro RJX Cancelled

BAE Systems has announced that it is ending the Avro RJX program. The four Avro RJs still in production will be completed, at which point production will cease. The move comes in response to a drastic fall-off in demand for new aircraft following the 11 September terrorist attacks. “Regrettably it […]