Atlantic Southeast Airlines to return BAe 146s

ASA Holdings, the parent of Atlantic Southeast Airlines (ASA), which operates as a Delta Connection carrier, announced on 19 June that it plans to standardize its jet aircraft fleet on the 50-seat Canadair Regional Jet. As a result, ASA plans to exercise its option to return the five BAe 146-200s it has on lease from Jet Acceptance Corporation. The 146s will be returned beginning in the fourth quarter of 1997, with the last leaving the fleet in the first quarter of 1998. ASA will write down a one-time charge of approximately $2.6 million for expenses related to the return of the BAe 146s. Ronald V. Sapp, senior vice president of the airline, said that “We have enjoyed financial success with the 88-seat BAe 146 since introducing service with the aircraft in December 1995. However, we believe the combination of 30, 50 and 66-seat aircraft is the ideal fleet-mix for our company, customers and shareholders in the years ahead.”

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