Avrotec updates Lufthansa CityLine’s Avro RJ85s

CityLine‘s RJ85s are undergoing a maintenance and updating program at Avrotec Aircraft Services, BAe Regional Aircraft’s maintenance and refurbishment facility at Woodford. The program includes a scheduled C check, installation of a Collins GNLS-910 flight management system and Normalair Garrett digital auto-pressurisation system, and modifications to the communications equipment to enable 8.33kHz channel spacing, so as to meet future European navigation requirements and provide a 35,000 ft cruise altitude capability. The first aircraft was completed on 2 September, three days ahead of the planned 4-week schedule. Additional aircraft will follow on a 2-week rolling basis until May 1999. Avrotec has a contract to maintain CityLine’s RJ85 fleet through 2000.

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