British Aerospace unveils new house colors

BAe Regional Aircraft house colors

The new livery to the used for BAe Regional Aircraft’s prototypes and demonstrators (British Aerospace</>)

British Aerospace Regional Aircraft has unveiled a new livery for its prototypes and demonstrators. The new livery, created by BAe Regional Aircraft’s in-house team in co-operation with Strung Design House of Ontario, Canada, uses specially-developed paint mixes of blue and silver, begin with a deep blue on the lower fuselage, blending seamlessly to a metallic silver on the upper fuselage, and then returning to blue at the top of the fin. The doors have the opposite pattern, so as to emphasize the ability to make fast turnarounds at busy airports offered by the Avro RJ’s two passenger doors. The aircraft type is displayed at the rear of the fuselage in large characters. BAe’s fleet of development aircraft will be repainted at the company’s Aircraft’s Surface Finishing Centre at Woodford during down-times in their flying schedules.

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