Air Wisconsin contracts for BAe 146 upgrades

Pioneer BAe 146 operator Air Wisconsin Airlines Corporation (AWAC) has contracted for a series of upgrades to its fleet of BAe 146s, including a Flight Data Recorder (FDR) modification package and installation of underfloor hold Fire Protection Systems. The US$4 million contract makes Air Wisconsin the lead customer for an upgrade program designed by BARA and BAeAM to keep the BAe 146 abreast of the latest airworthiness regulations. The FDR modification package responds to changes mandated by the US FAA for all transport aircraft registered in the USA, in response to the limitations encountered in understanding several accidents on aircraft equipped with older FDRs. The FDR modification package for the BAe 146 is based on the FA2100 MADRAS (Modular Airborne Data Records/Acquisition System) from L3 Communications of Sarasota, Florida. The installation of underfloor hold fire protection system was likewise mandated in response to recent accidents, and must be completed on all aircraft operating in the USA by 18 March 2001. BAe has selected the a system from Kidde Graviner for installation in BAe 146s. In addition, BAe has also developed a weight upgrade package for early-build BAe 146-200s in conjunction with Messier Dowty Aerospace. This package increases the maximum take-off weight from 89,500lb to 91,200lb; the maximum landing weight from 77,500lb to 78,900lb; and the maximum zero-fuel weight from 73,500lb to 75,000lb. As a result, the payload increases by up to 1,500lb and the range by up to 140 nautical miles. Air Wisconsin has several aircraft in its fleet that are potential candidates for this improvement, and is currently evaluating it.

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