BAeAM looking for more BAe 146 brokerage business

Having secured long-term leases or outright sales for the bulk of its BAe 146 portfolio, British Aerospace Asset Management (BAeAM) is seeking additional third-party brokerage opportunities to leverage its strong knowledge of the regional airliner market in general and of the BAe 146 market in particular. Since its formation in 1993, BAeAM has secured over 250 lease transactions and more than 40 aircraft sales, reducing its initial portfolio of 118 BAe 146s to only 78 aircraft. In the latest transaction, BAeAM sold three series 300s to ANZ Investment Bank for just over $40 million. The aircraft remain on lease to Aer Lingus. BAeAM has already concluded two third-party brokerage deals, placing five ex-Thai series 300s with Jersey European on behalf of FBM Jet Engine Support and three ex-Air Atlantic series 200s with Debonair on behalf of IMP Group. It is currently re-marketing two series 200s on behalf of Hubbell Incorporated. No less than 14 potential customers have requested firm offers for the aircraft; final negotiations to select the winning bid are expected to start shortly.

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