New Namibian airline to operate BAe 146

A new Namibian airline, QuickJet, is expecting to begin BAe 146 services from Windhoek’s close-in Eros Aerodrome to Cape Town and Johannesburg in South Africa before the year’s end, taking advantage of last year’s amendment of the Air Services Act, which liberalised airline services in the country. QuickJet, which is being formed by Namibian businessmen with financing from a South African bank, was registered on 20 July. It is reported to be in talks with British Airways and South Africa’s Comair to operate as a British Airways franchise carrier. To allay concerns about the noise impact of operating a jet from an airport located in a residential area, the airline took Transport Minister Hampie Plichta, officials from the Directorate of Civil Aviation and the Namibia Airports Company, and members of the media for a test flight on former Air Botswana BAe 146-100 A2-ABD on 16 August.

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