Crossair to place an Avro RJ100 on stand-by

Exasperated by the ATC delays that are plaguing Europe, Crossair will place one of the two new Avro RJ100s it is expecting this fall on stand-by at its Basel “Eurocross” hub. The RJ100 will be crewed and ready to go at all times, to substitute for aircraft delayed in the system and avoid further ‘knock-on’ delays to connecting flights. A SAAB 2000 will also be kept on stand-by. The airline stated that the costly move was the only way to provide an acceptable service to its passengers, given what it called the “lamentable” state of the air traffic control systems. Crossair will use the other RJ100 it is scheduled to receive for route expansion. In other schedule news, an MD-80 will replace the RJ100 used for London Heathrow-Basel flights, while an RJ100 will take over the Basel-Barcelona route from a SAAB 2000.

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