BAe describes Avro RJX plans

The new Avro RJX is making steady progress towards its expected service entry in mid 2001. British Aerospace Regional Aircraft Senior Vice President Jeff Marsh, speaking at the 1999 European Regional Airline Association meetings, expressed optimism that launch customers will soon be secured for the RJX. Aircraft serial number 376 has been selected to serve as the first RJX prototype, and serial number 378 as the second. Current plans call for the first to be an RJX-85 and the second an RJX-100, though the order can be changed as late as the end of the year, depending on customer interest. Assembly of aircraft 376 will begin in April 2000, and she should make her first flight by mid-year. The flight test program should then take about 8 months, allowing the RJX to enter service well before any of its competitors. The Avro RJ order book currently stands at 152, of which 137 have been delivered.

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